Alice Milliat's Space

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Alice Milliat's Space-cover

“Women's sport has the same place in social life as men's sport “ - Alice Milliat, on the 15th of May 1917

Alice Milliat, 15 mai 1917

Note : This panel was created by “Les Autres Possibles”, an association that works for social and environmental justice through the production and dissemination of information.

It produced the "Sportswomen in the spotlight" exhibition in 2023 with a hundred young people of the department during media education workshops, designed to raise awareness towards the place of women in sport and promote women's sport. It also publishes the “Les Autres Possibles” magazine. -

Logo de l'association "Les Autres Possibles".
Une sportive sautant à travers les anneaux de l'Île de Nantes.
"47% des femmes et 29% des hommes sont considérés comme inactifs physiquement selon l'ONAPS."
Le logo de Cale2Créateurs, espace d'exposition artistique localisé sur le Parc des Chantiers de l'île de Nantes.
Le logo de "Nantes Terrain de Jeux".
Une carte représentant les nombreuses activités disponibles sur le Parc des Chantiers.
Descriptif des activités disponibles sur l'espace Alice Milliat.

Welcome to Alice Milliat’s Space !

Come and enjoy this carefree space and give free rein to your desires. Run, jump, walk, have fun, and make this your playground! Here are a few recommendations to help you make the most of this great space of freedom.

Keep it clean by using the garbage cans available for your garbage, and think about the noise environment by avoiding any excessive volume that might disturb others. Peace and quiet are just as important as having fun.

Pay attention to others and share this space fairly. Be inclusive towards all visitors, because we're here to enjoy time together. As far as safety is concerned, always look after your children and parents to avoid accidents.

Thank you for your cooperation, and above all, have fun!

Descriptif des différentes urgences appelables en cas de besoin.