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The polysensorial nature of design makes it a fascinating discipline! It's various methods of expression are manifold: shapes, colours, textures, sounds etc. In the 19th century, Louis Braille created an innovative and pertinent solution to a major problem facing society i.e. how to empower the blind with the ability to read and write!His answer was an alphabet consisting only of a matrix of 6 points divided into 2 columns and this solution is still very much used today, 2 centuries later! This is, for us, one of the most perfect examples of thoughtful and effective design: simple, efficient, almost infinitely adaptable and, above all, incredibly universal !

This is the vision which we advocate and have embedded into our very logo. We want to make design accessible and legible to as many people as possible. For Katra, the true strength of design is not limited to the creation of functional, aesthetic products and services which are financially successful but also involves effective communication and positive inspiration based on just and stimulating values.

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Taking inspiration from your know how and deep value of your company, Katra increases your innovation opportunities. Impact of design can be observed in product ergonomic, use and aesthetic as well as in the story enclosed. And since a good product is a product technically feasible, our creativity considers your capacity of production to design innovative and industrialisable products.

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Value added and pledge of quality a brand make your offer different, unique, but also more desirable than others. A branding and design strategy means more than conceive a graphic identity, it refers to the creation of a positive feeling at every contact that a company has with its customers. It means create strong relationship between a company and its customers.


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