Furniture design and interface

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New creation of Nantes designers of Katra agency with furniture design Soléhom box interface for the company Ventilairsec in partnership with the INES (National Institute of Solar Energy). An industrial product in clean and modern lines that fit perfectly into contemporary interiors. Soon available on the market, this control box offers a simplified and intuitive interface for optimal user experience.

About Soléhom

SOLÉHOM The system has three main functions: It warms the air entering the house in winter and summer refreshes the parts, having the effect of reducing your consumption of heating and cooling. For your health, it also helps to clean and renew the air in your home.

Demo Video

About Ventilairsec

French market leader of insufflation, VENTILAIRSEC created and developed for more than 27 years the mechanical ventilation system Insufflation® (VMI®). The mission of VENTILAIRSEC: clean your home and improve the quality of indoor air you breathe.

Having sold over 50,000 VMI®, VENTILAIRSEC is recognized as the undisputed specialist in the fight against moisture and air pollutants outdoors and indoors.