Poupet Festival 2015

Illustration, graphic design

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Poupet started 29 years ago by a village festival, to be transformed today into a festival that is among the most recognized of the Great West of France. Rather than 'festival' it seems more appropriate to speak of summer. Indeed, the season has a dozen dates in July, with place Poupet greenery theater. It is undeniable asset which is the festival's uniqueness: the theater is nestled in lush greenery at the foot of the Sevre at Nantes, in the bucolic Poupet Valley.

Inspired by the human adventure and magical place in which plays the Poupet Festival, Studio Katra could contribute by carrying out the poster for the 2015 edition. Inspired theater setting, the illustration depicts a concert in the Poupet Valley. An authentic drawing Treaty, like the festival, friendly and open to all ... 

For more info and see all programming visit the website: Festival Poupet 2015