Exhibition Design Museum Gent

26 May 15


On the occasion of the exhibition « Synthetic by nature » at Design Museum in Gent (Belgium), the studio of designers from Nantes KATRA has exported his eponym chair, who answers at an interrogation about materials through an ecological problem. 
Indeed, conscientious as well on local manufacturing and quality of materials, the studio seeks strength and lightness in the creation of its objects. So, for this second version of the minimalist chair Katra, is flax that has been advocated, not urtica to the first version.

And flax, such as hemp, was widely acclaimed at this Belgian exhibition which was held from April 3 to 26 in Gent, since it was put forward the composite materials which have the characteristic of being "new", natural, renewable, and future. Indeed, like glass and carbon fiber, the use of plant materials allows, with ease of manufacture, to obtain lightness and strength, but by developing sustainable ecological promise, always linking art and science.