Côté Paris – FIAC Paris

22 Jan 15


« PRIVATE CHOICE », director Nadia Candet : an imaginary and ephemeral collection of contemporary art works and design inhabits for its second edition a new historical space. At this address, famous filmmaker Georges Méliès used to live. A beautiful opportunity to acquire art and design pieces composing this universe. This adventure is made possible thanks to loan of art works from galleries and partners.
This in-situ exhibition is happening when Paris lives for art : early Autumn 2014.
Text from the art critic Jonathan Chauveau.

For the new edition, Luc Revillon D’apreval asked to Studio Katra to show Nao in the bathroom among others creations such as None Futbol club, drw of containers from Jeanne Susplugas and a serie of AnWarhol Brillo Pouf Yellow piled by Quinze & Milan.